Monday, January 22, 2018

I can barely walk

Pain is present during sleep and when up. Feet hurt beyond believable and its like this for he past 6 months. When I went for a walk, great portion of skin have fallen off of feet(all video recorded) few weeks ago....this people are out here to murder me(incapacitate and hijack me as such as they did in the past) and take off to Israel as no other country will provide refuge for them.

My mother which claimed how she is suffering from back pain(they got her mri etc. which I was forced to even look for her on several occasions) is active daily. Walks miles(each day for hour and half/two) like a squirrel. She strangely complained about her pain and how one can leave her at any time on wheelchair, but performed stuff beyond(totally insane stuff that included hours of lawning around small trees in the garden etc. which nobody who truly would suffer from pain would do...she went on to further garden to degree that not even young people do) believable. 

Nothing but headache and disorientation today

Couldn't agree more with it.

Ales Berger developed almost same voice as Stallone

My neighbor who takes orders from Kremlin(his father have claimed his entire life to be a communist), have developed coincidentally same voice as Stallone... young man(always was known as a an backstabbing lunatic - throughout his entire childhood, his own brother called him "zahrbtni prasec" with a very very good reason) admired/loved Hollywood star(he disliked Schwarzenegger, but he had a platonic relationship instead with Stallone and so Stallone was a very important link in this insanity case as one was used to psychologically relate to lunatics)....

Regarding my obtaining proof about torture

I cite Zupancic(old neighbor with whom I had a very good relationship my entire life), "you won't be capable to do anything to us because we will let you video record us and will then proven you that we in fact knew how you were video recording us by pointing you out proof in form of video recordings which we will obtain prior and during your video recording of us".

You get the point what this is all about !!?????? 

Zupancic is stepdad of Dane Kolenc...

She had special cleaner in Shower area

Sprayed on my socks !!???? 
Better than big brother, seems to be the real time torture of an individual(transmitted live to Hollywood and to other elites). Americans(what I was told under MKULTRA) hired entire team of people to work on this project. Going over six months with unbearable pain(cuts) in my feet. Video coming on this subject...

As I posted this last post, sound changed

Berger is a very troubled man. Funny enough(its not because this is how they make victims keep quiet about it all), he and his son Ales suggested me under MKULTRA on how they will catch Dane Kolenc with their cameras and help me out...I cite Ales Berger, "our daddy will catch him...we have cameras too"...

I would have to wait for a very very long time before something like this would happen. Perhaps till I would wake up on the the side of the world.

With neighbors like this, you don't need enemies.

I can easily feel the relief in my head...this was much more than just a sound. Heavy diarrhea for the last several days...

"Don't say that they microwaved you too much because you will go to other location where they will do the same to you and those in another location may use as an excuse your cancer for doing the same to you or even more" <==instructions from Novo mesto police on why I should keep almost silent about what is taking place here.

Miroslav Berger threatened today with mental services and I am more tired(beaten up) than what I was before In went sleep

Same individual who sent psychiatrist Cveto Gradisar to "visitation"(Cveto just came for a family visit by walking from Berger's residence) have threatened today with new hospitalization. Two hours latter, father followed up with Berger(they all work together well coordinated) issue(he mentioned Berger as a "joke" that Berger goes in his work shop to steal tools when I asked him to borrow tape - he basically suggested me that I am paranoid) and I suggested him in return what they had in our house with CIA and Moscow wasn't normal. He begun to play in my face as if its all in my head and then how I may have to go back in mental hospital. I explained him just like I did to my mother that this time, he is the one who is due for mental hospital. I told both in the face that none of the two will see the daylight ever again once, I get them on there(believe me, I mean business)

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Regarding children from my niece

She was even present during one occasion when on Texas farm(Bush's residence) and torturous electrodes were used on me as abused(George Bush's regular specialty - he would mentally abuse me when drugged up under MKULTRA and then amplify his psychological torture with pain increasing in brain area electrodes - the pain would become unbearable and one would only stop whenever I would crush down)

Her husband Mitja Weber(Veber) performed most severe psychological and physical abuse on me - specially if one was Requested by Netanyahu or his crew....threatened under MKULTRA for years on how he will have me transported to Israel and even how he will remove all proofs of my internet existence once am already in Israel , "I will return to Slovenia only to bring the rest of the stuff...if you will even mention my name, we will all have to go to Israel as you will give us no choice".


Video can be also sen at OR OR OR OR



Friday, January 19, 2018

VIDEO - After 66 days, ripped backpack arrives from China(via ebay) just as I was told it would under MKULTRA

Slovenian government violates Chinese and Slovenian state protocols to favor human trafficking/criminality against Chinese in China, and AmeroGerman(Buckingham) occupation of Taiwan(conman Dalai Lama #2 type of artificial state created by neonaziimperialists to divide and conquer Asian part of the world with ideas to rule one with terror and death = just as the case is with African continent and so on).

Human trafficking(hijacking/abducting anywhere from tourists to natives) story doesn't start in Slovenia, it goes back to 2011(and even earlier as it always have same old same actors in it) in Barcelona where Spanish police finally arrested 39 members of a suspected Chinese mafia and have freed 30 young Chinese women forced into prostitution(numerous Eastern
European as well as African were also rescued during the mission). The main cause for criminality(in this case) was Spanish state alone at the time as one seems to have distanced itself from state and international laws(it was large operation on territory of Spain and one went on for a bit too long without authorities noticing anything suspicious/unusual/illegal). Then similar French scandal in 2013 exploded and son on....However, in 2016 - we notice almost identical to present Slovenian situation in Spain(Madrid, Barcelona Alicante)....During 2016 sting in Spain, over 200 individuals of Chinese origins were arrested in Spanish / Chinese police sting that involved 16 call centers(16 million Euros fraud) which were used by Chinese mafia based in China to enslave via human trafficking Chinese citizens(lock them in buildings) and then use them further as an deadly instrument to rob/plunder(and as a sex slaves) Chinese victims back home in China !!! HORROR which, however(again), was solved via Chinese Spanish cooperation.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

As a Slav, you have to be mentally sick to settle for so called "white"

They love to talk about psychopaths, rapists, serial killers, criminal DNA, pedophilia - but don't see themselves in the mirror...
This individual for example believes to be reincarnated Hitler and at the same time claims to love Russian people...when it comes to David Duke, situation is even worse...

Amnesty International bagging Slovenia to stop exporting weapons that are used to kill Semitic children by Israel

Article goes back to 2014, but issue is extremely serious foremost for Slovenian a president of such a small country, I would rather wrote check to Israel for 6 million USD than to sell them weapons used to exterminate Palestinian people from their homeland. Disgrace for Slovenia would be much smaller in that case than what the case is(it would be a disaster as Israel murders Slovenian and Slavic people on large scale even via human trade/abductions, but nothing when compared to sold weapons that are used to kill members of the group that pertains to 1.8 billion people)...


No need to go into details as things never ever changed !!! Same old same financed and technologically supported from USA is killing humanity.


Lets see if we can liberate one from resurgence of neonazi imperialism...


Warm welcome to all Asians here....


Latin America will also be covered here from now on(special section created)...Bienvenido a los Latinos Sudamericanos en este sitio ...aqui también se habla español ;)))))

Why to bother when this here repeats over and over again

Politicians are not reality - reality is what you see here
Note to Italians: why don't you talk to regular Italian workers who have settled for life in Germany/UK/USA and so on about what they think - about how they feel(what they have to say)...politicians don't represent regular people. They represent those who are hiding behind regular people...they represent those who served evil in the past and want one today - Buckingham palace/Washington DC/Berlin - not the people.

What to do if you get "fake" alarm call from your "security" company

Paint walls with fast drying paint(just wherever you are based inside of the house because common areas where guests enter can't be protected). Paint will simply kill government spy-cams and you don't even have to bother searching for them. Its that easy and deadly effective.

Never let any strangers in areas of the home where you spend time with your family. Keep privacy(quality of life) to yourself and lunatics out.

My videos disappear from youtube due to "legal" complains because some folks is above the "law"(just used by elites to control/regulate you and to protect their criminality from you).

Law that prohibits one to help people !!????? Well, that is the correct definition of "law".

Make sure to share one with people and have one also downloaded.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

"Czar" wannabe Putin(CRIMINAL AND TRAITOR OF THE CENTURY) pulls another b**** trick with which he brainwashed Russians prior to one - not bought on this site

Putin and French(all the European Royals and Western neonazi elites are desperately trying to crash Russian dignity which Russians have gained in October revolution)...

Highly recommended

Wish I had someone with advice like this back then, but everything on youtube is controlled(there is no real opposition in US and even so called activists are totally fake). Infra cam detectors with frequencies etc. are a waste of money and your energy(thats what they sell on youtube to persecuted people for them not to see what truly works) may be 10cm, from your nose folks and you will NOT see one as they are super sophisticated(this are micro-cameras which no android detector will detect - I was also told all this by owners of this industry)...with what you see here(unless one is wirelessly charged), you can perhaps get at least source of electricity which will lead you in direction of one....
Cost about 4/5 USD - perhaps best investment you have ever made(made in China - two weeks to US and about the same to EU). Link(here).

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Also regarding ebay

Every postage from China is inspected at our neighbor Dane Kolenc(not only in Ljubljana, but also right here next to our house) before one reaches my destination. I have ordered several same item cameras(pinhole cameras) and none ever arrived. Abuse authorized by Slovenian "president" Borut Pahor.

Mailman first visits his residence where he stays sometimes even 20 minutes and then comes to ours....was also told by someone and will not say whom(this are just facts and not guessing).

President Borut Pahor have individual involved in abductions deliver backpack ordered from Chinese ebay 66 days ago

After posting previously mentioned news(at night), my parents rushed in panic(mother nervous talked to herself and have walked like lost/father in panic) this morning(at 7am already) to local is wired with micro-cameras to which access have even Slovenian psychiatrists(not only Slovenian government, but also here mentioned psychiatrists - all explained in new video documentaries). I sadly have to say that Andreja Jeric/Tatjana Prokselj(all the Ljubljana psychiatrists involved in my case) is involved and so are others(they created real $adi$tic $how out of my situation and it seems one will not stop...Hollywood, politicians, elites worldwide have access to one - this is why my neighbors are "jobless" - both Berger/Kolenc and many others as well - was told this by someone, but will not say whom)...

Internet have parallel net(known as intra-government net)

Used for certain governments to communicate with one another via same as is internet alike platform, but entirely separate - you won't have access to one(not via your home cable). Entire main stream media worldwide almost is programmed like this - coordinated ahead of events for probably 20/30 years ahead of events as mentioned in previous post....

Do we live in Matrix !!????? Well...

You have seen this news first on Auser Times...just remember that...because I am more than matrix of lies and I do NOT(and never ever will) comply with criminality.

Program King David - more than just a real time show for elites(legalized serial killers/rapists) !!??????

If the news on this wasn't mad enough(will release some more tonight - don't worry - the table bought in Jysk two months ago was either radioactive or radiated or simply is absorbing electromagnetic radiation to after wards amplifies one - delivered just like special cameras for loser Shoygu by US Government and then resold to me 12 years latter for about 35/50 Euros or so with idea my blaming US for it all...I have solid proofs for my claims...I belive to have also found what may be possible hidden spycams - its at least what Rick Perry have claimed under MKULTRA), Benjamin Netanyahu claimed me that I part of human experiment known as "King David" that involves(or will involve if again abducted to Israel) brain implants. Israeli government that would go as far as placing itself on international map of science with abuse to degree which would give Slovenian criminals the ability to see through my eyes(its what neighbor Dane Kolenc and others have insisted)

1) Abducted to Israel where memory would be wiped out

2) Repatriated back to hostile Slovenian environment to begun all over again, for governments to see if they could go as far as obtaining ultimate proof about seeing through human eyes...the ultimate proof according to criminals would be recovery of hidden material(blog, documentation, and video material).

Monday, January 15, 2018

And all this time....

And all this time as I was on the front line(I wasn't spared of any bullet in this world), Putin/Shoigu were hiding in the shadow wearing presidential doesn't get any lower than that...

Maestro Putin also invented the way to make me hate Russia via Minsk's university where brain implants are done. It was horror(terror) that went on since 2001 to 2006 in Belarus where brought by US Government to experiment on(to butcher me without consent). Lukashenko(with Americans) have gone as far as organizing stunt on behalf of Putin in which I was told by police(under mkultra) how I will be shot at any moment(will produce video on this subject as I have no reason to protect neonazi collaborators) on border crossing(same as the one I have attempted to cross first time - its where Lukashenko's village is about 3/4 kilometers away - as you know Lukashenko was a border guard himself and have very strong connection in that village as well as on that border crossing) and that I should defend myself(attack Belarus police officer/Border guard) on what(terror went on for about two weeks - each day they would take me for a ride to police station from border crossing and play drama) they finally did fired(I cite, "we will get through this curve, I will stop car in the middle of he curve and will shoot you and claim that you attacked me" - then ride took place for the last time, "you still have chance to defend I will shoot will die etc")  in me(inside of the car) what was empty bullet(fake bullet that produced sound only, but I was certain about meeting with death that day). Their instructions(hyping individual into total paranoia under MKULTRA) failed as I refused to comply(, but you can see just how criminal and lunatical this people are and who made whom hate what....

You will never ever place my name next to the Putin/Shoigu garbage

Much more than Obama(make no mistake - just as the case is with Netanyahu and others, I will press genocide charges also against him) it was George W. Bush(John McCain)'s plan initially to give Slovenia to Italy - years ahead of Obama commenced idea about small Slavic state to be given to Italy.

But just as the case was with me(I ran from Slovenia due to physical violence performed on me on daily bases throughout Slovenian education system up to age 16 when told by schoolmates and teachers that due to violence which they have performed on me, I wouldn't be to drive through my life - this is what Slovenia was and is), it is easier to blame it all on weaker(black race that has nothing, but sticks to defend themselves from nukes - I did't it on daily bases against 10/15 kids). Its easier that way...seems to be Slavic way...the Putin/Shoigu way...

Sunday, January 14, 2018

STUPID DO IT AGAIN - A must see for all Slavs

Learn from history, or pay ultimate price...
Video can be also seen at lower resolution do).
I don't care if they(Italians can go and blow themselves up again for their masters if they want to) want to remember, I have gone through this myself for you - do as pleased. Nations that forget own history are doomed to ultimate failure(know your place in this world or die). "Nordic Aryans" didn't change a bit and never ever will...they are same old same shit !!!!

NEONAZI EVIL(ultimate scum of this world) LOVES TO HIDE ITSELF BEHIND GOOD !!!

NOTE TO BLOGGER/JEWTUBE(because they delete videos even of others that I post on this site): if you delete video from youtube, I will have one uploaded to multiple video sharing sites worldwide(I ALREADY HAVE MATERIAL IN MY HANDS). Don't even think about it.

AmeroGerman(Scandinavian/British) neonazis pull first stage safety plug - it is over with Trump illusion - who is next(not what - just who) !!?????

The first stage of Nazism is completed - it didn't go through as anticipated, but one did give them indicators per who is what is - they will now go back in hiding(they will now fake on how nazism failed and at the same time court present global opponents to somehow get colonialism again going in the future)....
Thats what Trump's comment was all about - US government made agreement with the African Union ahead of what we see here(they lied to them per how the whole thing is just a stunt to see who opposes humanity, but this is only 1% of the truth - the real; reason is exposed above and it may cost blacks on a long run even existence)

Saturday, January 13, 2018

What does son of Sam(Semite and Slav killer) have in common with WWII neonazis that worked in concentration camps....

They were very bossy(strong/violent when camp internees were powerless behind barb wires), but as war came to an end, they ran like cockroaches(have even bowed on knees to previously camp prisoners) to foreign countries...were hiding from justice, changing names, and have lived in fear for the rest of their miserable lives...
Off course word is not about Netanyahu who is hiding his criminal failed image TODAY next to Modi in India("FRIEND PLEASE HIDE/RESCUE MY PUBLIC IMAGE ONE MORE TIME...CAN I PLESE CLIMB UNDER YOUR PANTS..PLEASE PLEASE")...

How To Combat(survive) Mind Control and Electronic Harassments and win

How To Combat(survive) Mind Control and Electronic Harassments(all exaplined in 4 hour long video documentary). 
Who/how/why, and what to(what not) to do.

С Новым годом, Россия и другие / Happy New Year Russia and others

Russia - the greatest land on earth. Celebrating real freedom from fascism/nazism(death). For us Slavs, Orthodox Christianity should be the real fate(Berlusconis and Hitlers didn't do much for us). This is who and what we are - this is where life is.

ADVANCED PSYCHOLOGY(video): Part 4 of 4 How To Combat(survive) Mind Control and Electronic Harassments


More(much much more) than money, I want their heads on the plate. Time to get them just as Simon Wiesenthal got nazis. THIS PEOPLE ARE EXTREME THREAT TO SOCIETY(public health) AND NEED TO BE TREATED AS SUCH(they used to lobotomize folks like this in the past).

Sound torture goes on 24/7

I have great difficulty hearing low volume sounds now.
Discerning between them. Same noise as one would have high pressure in ears, but is present 24/7.

Friday, January 12, 2018


I will get you whether you like it or not. Israel will extradite you(you are a dead walking man) or there will be no Israel.

Netanyahu's crew and Netanyahu even dared to suggest me under MK-ULTRA that they already have my doppelganger in Israel waiting on me(what would be my last abduction and would be used if I would commit suicide there to confuse public per who is what is).

ADVANCED PSYCHOLOGY(video): Part 3 of 4 How To Combat(survive) Mind Control and Electronic Harassments

Thursday, January 11, 2018

We have all fallen for Bush's "jokes" - fact is the he pretended to be stupid only

So he could get away with what is seen bellow. I remember them discuss their experiences in fields of hypnosis and have even flattered I go through this 4 hour documentary, many thoughts(memories) pops doubt on my mind that 9/11 was used to hypnotize(trigger subconscious MKULTRA brainwash instilled in people prior to 9/11 as explained bellow) nation. Its a safety switch that US government(and others as well) could possibly use(pull) in case of emergency.

Dude is rather horrific monster who sees us as numbers and point of interest only....

What 9/11 was also - hypnotic move that might have paralized US into a subconscious state of mind(whatever was entered in people's heads prior to 9/11 might be still in there without their knowledge)

Make sure to watch my documentary(two parts are still missing)....

State of hypnosis(never revealed anywhere before publicly) is state of mind most often developed under subconscious.  Meaning that people are abducted in military/colleges/schools/hostels/hotels etc. and introduced without their knowledge new port(hacked port) that can be used in real time(at any time) to enter their subconscious mind.

Chinese communist party also realized(agrees with my views) that Trump is just a mentally sick hateful gangster

When in US, I was continuously brainwashed on how America is number one and will always remain number one...less than decade latter, America became totally inconsiderable(unimportant/irrelevant
factor) power in this world...have nothing(except if you think terror /Nazism /fascism /hatred/ wars/ gangsterism/ rape/ pedophilia/ criminality of all kind is something to celebrate and believe in) to offer to the world and technologically wise(even with its neonazi EU support) is lagging more and more behind China/India/Russia(they already have equal and in many areas WAY better technology that West does - future wise, West has none on this planet as everyone knows who and what this murderous aliens are)....


China Says U.S. Debate Over Trump’s Mental Health Shows Democracy Is Dying

China's ruling Communist Party has weighed in on the national
debate spurred by a recent controversial book alleging links between President Donald Trump's decision-making and his mental health, saying the debacle may actually be a commentary on the state of U.S. democracy as a whole.

Minister Omrzel(involved in my abductions and torture) is employer of niece(social engineering same niece) husband - entire

This individual got(just as Slovenian state did) a bunch of free technology from US for being involved in this case and have used his minister position(given to him by Pahor) for commercialism(to make special state contracts via his own company) till he got booted out of government. They became wealthy being around me(obtained exclusive licenses for technologies etc.).

I no longer can hear discern between low volume sounds

Wasn't sure if it was raining outside due to acoustic torture(it wasn't) and guess I walked out and have talked about it at the entrance, sound frequency was changed immediately upon my return in here...
Novo mesto Police alone told me(promised me with) this type of torture. So whom else do you call !!????

I am all confused today and half deaf.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Regarding brain technology that Slovenia(and Russia etc.) obtained through me in 2001/2002...

Its actually worth more than 100 Krka factories combine and for the reward, assassinations and torture in mental hospital(and other torture) have taken place. I don't really have words that I could use to describe feelings toward country from where I escaped at age 23 due to beyond inhumane abuse, but I have even less when it comes to country known as USA. I am beyond disgusted with both.

ADVANCED PSYCHOLOGY(video): Part 2 of 4 How To Combat(survive) Mind Control and Electronic Harassments

Hitler lover Yair Netanyahu wants your shekels(like father "son of Sam", like son of son of Sam / its in their DNA).

Give us a hint Yair...was it Yukos(uncle Vlad) !!???? Wait no no...Vlad screw up that one badly(yeah you right its gone already - was bad commercial for Vlad) which company who !!????

$116 for prostitute !!????? Isn't that a bit too much for Jewish boy to pay !!???? They can be costly this Slavic moms/daughters/granddaughters that Mossad abducts from our countries(10.000 per year are sgtolen and whored to death thanks to his uncle Vlad) to Israel every year huh !!????? I get it man....what about cheap Norwegian whore that King Harold have arraigned you with !!???? She no longer is waiting on you at home !!???? You have a fast lifestyle...

ADVANCED PSYCHOLOGY(video): Part 1 of 4 How To Combat(survive) Mind Control and Electronic Harassments

Video can be also seen at OR OR OR OR 

I have part 2 burned, but needs to be converted and then uploaded(see that many of you watch my videos even before I get them published here ;) nice and think you for stopping bye)...asta manana folks ;)

Neighbor is back with old acoustic torture

You may be asking why I do not call police - well, because I don't have the right call for one. Psychiatrists have told me that calling police will automatically settle me in mental hospital.
Sure hurts, but nothing I can do. This people are obviously insane.

Update on my feet

As you know microwave used by neighbor caused considerable amount of damage to my mother, however, help a bit more to my neighbor and have added my socks into a softener(she soaked socks with softener and dry them up, so I could use fresh and clean socks).
Then I went for a walk and flash popped out like this(all video recorded).

Acoustic attack goes on, but under different frequency

As soon as am done with video(4 hours long) documentary, I will release video in respect to this subject.

I no longer have unbearable noise in my ears(head), but have just managed to video and audio record other type of acoustic harassment which over time(am sure) would add to what I heave experienced for the last 14 days.

New frequency of today

14 day acoustic attack just ended

This absolutely was acoustic or some other for acoustic attack conducted by "neighbor" Berger. Psychopath who takes orders straight from Moscow.

What Americans were forced to choose in between for the US president

Israel is simply amazing state. Pedophiles, rapists, serial killers(real gangsters I tell ya), Hitlers and now even as US presidents(you name it).

How much is Israel a criminal state !!????

Think of it like this....everything that happens bad, happens because of people in congress. Everything that Israel has(nukes etc.) was given to Israel by selected people from congress(they got in there via Israeli lobby) to protect them when those have to run for life out of our countries(not only US).
So how much crime(what kinds of people) do you see on the political stages !!!????

For the last fourten days, nothing but sound in my ears

According to neighbors Berger, Kolenc, and local police of Novo mesto(they would conduct and do all sorts of electronic harassment with idea to get me out of lower area of the house - room am in) and if I would stay in there for too long(one of them would be sound attack), I would suffer from permanent brain injury(sound no longer would go away).

I have never ever have any sounds like this in my ears(feels as if I would have super high pressure) in my life time and till 7th(till three days ago) severe electronic attack went on(probably microwaving). Cameras(entire system) struggled to operate, but it stopped three days ago and went back to normal(as if new) after three weeks. All video recorded.

Berger promised me this type of treatment(he death threatened) under MKULTRA if I would dare to talk about his involvement in my case. This type of torture creates enormous problem(confusion) in one, but I will persevere down here.

First brain mapping in Slovenia was performed on me in 2001/2002

It was preformed in Novo mesto's hospital when they brought me abducted from US. It was Rick Perry from Tx who brought(given to Slovenia and Eastern block for free) with me to Slovenia technology worth more than what value of local Krka factory is today.

For the reward, Slovenian state attempted to murder me and have even hospitalized for two years in mental hospital Ljubljana(was accused of having schizophrenia paranoia just because I dared to talk about MKULTRA). Same people who were involved in abductions, were latter on used also as psychiatric stuff in Slovenia which engaged in EXTREME violence against me.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

The more Americans have betrayed me, the better I am off today

Sounds crazy heh !!????? Who would be pleased for government to perform on him what they have on me...well, I am to some degree.

Why/how !!????

3 hours long documentary coming

I always want one hour(two the most), but it all turns out to be bigger than anticipated. 

There is no way to escape technology(we need science - like it or not) and tomorrow will turn big time for many people into what is my today, but there are ways that people can use to protect most valuable in this world(own mental health).

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Almost all(80% of them) mental "deseases" that appear after age 35 are 100% curable(reversible).

They are almost(90%) all man made disorders(not diseases, but instead disorders is what I refer to them as). Curable as long as individual is willing to change his/her lifestyle(willing to make effort in changing one which includes change of the environment, and stick to the mental rules that point him/her way out of struggle).

Two exclusive video documentaries coming

#1 How to Overcome Mind Control(on in and out video documentary).

#2 Comparison of Slavic identity vs West

It takes a bit time for me to do things in a way I want them to be done...I primarily form ideas(gather important issues that make the difference when compared to other material out there - foremost answer questions to which I wanted answer, but there was none avail) about presentations and then spice them up a bit to get your attention(off course in a way that applies to your every day life and that benefits you through real understanding)...

Thursday, January 4, 2018

The difference between Obama and Shoygu !!????? NONE !!!

In respect to liberation of Ukraine only that ethnic Ukrainians are Cossacks - meaning that honor of liberating one should belong to Red Army Russian Cossack officer and not rapist from Chadan.

This are Putin's politics(disgrace for Russia and Slavs) which I obviously totally disprove and are used to glorify future Russian Obama(what Putin have in plan for Shoygu).

I cite McCains/Bushes/Buckinghams etc. and other neonazi garbage, "if he will get Ukraine for you, will you marry his daughter" !!???

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Worry about Crimea no more

Polish should act in respect to Andrzej Duda...NOT okay Poland !!! Is this what you want !!???? Will you allow for something like this to exist after what they have done to you already(6 million Poles and 6 million Ukrainians) !!?????

NOTE: this isn't nationalism, this is fasicsm/neonazism which West loves to call nationalism. West calls nazism a nationalism to confuse nations on their right to existence and wants us to be subjugated to nazism(Germany).

Blogger doing its best to make blog look as unprofessional as possible

Dedicated to the most pathetic/misleading(garbage) Israeli American firm known as blogger(google). They lie about number of visitors and even do with text as seen here to make one look as unprofessional as much as possible.

In all this years, I have dedicated probably a month of time fixing exactly what you see here, so it would appear on internet just as others have opportunity....

There is no such thing as Ukraine for me

Neonazis and their collaborators like those we see today in Ukraine, have murdered 40 million Slavs.

I don't have any neonazi sisters or brothers and if you do, you belong to the same place as Hitler's army did.  Neonazism/fascism will not be tolerated in any Slavic land because we will terminate one with our own hands(will not wait for help from outside).

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Time to liberate Ukraine once again(THANK YOU NEONAZIS)....

Russia didn't liberate only Crimea, but also entire Ukraine from what used to be Turkish empire in the past. Even Turks(Greeks too) of today(due to slavery trade and occupation of Balkans) have considerable amount of Slavic blood in them(Russian and from Balkans)...from DNA map, you can clearly see that Ukrainians are Russians who were under Turkish empire(just saying this because its not right to separate same nation with use of nazism/fascism as West does TODAY in Ukraine)...

Back to subject....

From what I see here, everything is clear to me in respect to Ukraine....I withdraw previous statement in respect to possible Polish Ukrainian union as Andrzej Duda's actions are support for fascism/nazism(Poland alone have extremely serious problem that must deal with if willing to survive) only. 

NOTE: I would stop only at Slovak/Polish border(not before)...6 million Ukrainians were slaughtered by neonazis in WWII and today situation for Russian speaking(pro soviet citizens with whom Ukraine made an protection agreement during independence) is almost no different....they are slaughtered via forced unemployment as well as impossible pensions etc(same as in Baltic states).

Creating video documentary on Slavic identity(real comparison of Slavic identity vs West).

I will point you why you want to be Slavs...what the real difference is between us Slavs and Germans lets say(so called "Nordic Aryans").

When you see this documentary, you will want to be Slav ;) Trust me...

Monday, January 1, 2018

What Russia(not Russia, but Moskowitze because Moscow is not Russia as I was told by Moskowitzes in Moscow) truly need...

Murdered by Russians(was a very very good "friend" of Vladimir Putin) - not British. Because he was a bit too "special"(got married to British woman).

Crime truly doesn't have borders - right Trump/Bush/McCain !!????

Its sad what Russia have become, but it will end right here in Slovenia.

I wish Polish people would read this post.

According to Yulia Sergeevna Shoygu

Her words, "you can't get anybody ever because in Russia legal cases age(JUDGES MAKE THEM DELAYED/VOIDED JUST AS IS CASE IN SLOVENIA) and people even disappear"(we make sure justice is never served).

Her husband is prosecutor of the Moscow region Alexey Zakharov.

Yulia Sergeevna Shoygu to me, "Slovenian people will also have to choose between you and Russia which protects them".

Berger again microwaved this morning

20 minutes after I woke up this morning, sound is still bimming(ringing) in my ears(probably will another hour because this is what the case usually is).

Berger also stated me to have contract from Moscow to perform such torture, "nothing personal...not our fold".