Wednesday, October 18, 2017

How many white American and European Union citizens did you psychiatrist Bandy X. Lee murdered in US on behalf of Chinese communist party !!??????

Question for Chinese communist party and off course psychiatrist Bandy X. Lee....
In 2005, American and European NEONAZI psychiatrists(Putin and Medvedev demanded from me not to talk about it and keep whole thing as confidential) suggested me that "they" want me dead, I cite, "you must leave US or they will kill you"(well, I didn't have much choice in that case have I...a bit tough situation thanks to John McCain and German government when whole world wants you dead at all costs)

Health deteriorated enormously(rapidly) with Chinese government involvement(it was more and more like this often times participated in torture with AmeroGerman NEONAZIS, but seems went beyond limits(torturing me became their obsession). Chinese government afterwards stalked me in Norway, Sweden, Canada, Slovenia(in this very town of Novo mesto), Hungary(2017), heavily in Germany(Angela Merkel obsessed with idea to get read of me at all costs had them on every corner - she had even Chinese girl block me road when I drove heavy semi tractor-trailer(double) to Germany)...

In Chicago(2008), there was nothing but Chinese females around me(have invited me on job interview to Milwaukee just to meet variety of Chinese women). It looked as if state of Illinois and Wisconsin have turned itself into China. 
From top AmeroGerman NEONAZIS, MOSSAD and well trained Chinese killers(she looks like psychopath by the way) may think it was interesting life, but it was life of less than what rats have....this is related to

No, I do not hate China at all...I like(love) Chinese people despite all this here(John McCain's game is finished here - no more of his NEONAZI lunacy)...this is also not commercial against communism as I firmly believe in communists(I believe that Chinese communist party is a shining example of real freedom in China and the guide/light to humanity...they managed to crack on American NEONAZI "human rights" and secure future of Chinese people through hard work/dedication, and growth of patriotism).

This(Xi Jinping) Chinese individual(now Chinese president) was present in Miami with other Chinese delegation....he interacted frequently with John McCain who anticipated divide and conquer game between Russians and Chinese at all costs...Russians should look into Putin/Medvedev team(very inexperienced and with totally dangerous/wracking background that could easily be manipulated by US Government due to setups) and be very watchful with China as individual as seen here should never ever be a Chinese president on the first place(means that Chinese communist party became dangerously radicalized and even racist political party - have you Chinese forgotten about WWII !!???? Are you going to lose one now by joining and assisting NEONAZIS in a war against humanity !!????)

Chinese should have this individual immediately removed from government - specially because of traditionally strong ties with Russia that guarantee both countries existence(am not sure on how much do Chinese want to go back on Buckingham palace's opium or be slaughtered like grass by NEOAZIS = Germans brainwashed Japanese in slaughter - make no mistake about that - German murdered 80 million in WWII, it will be 8 billion next time !!!).

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