Thursday, May 11, 2017

We don't want you in America any more !!! Go home or we will kill you !!!

Learn the truth about your constitutional FREE SPEECH right that is covered by first amendment and that tens of millions of Americans have learned about after exercising one, I cite "We don't want you in America anymore; go home or we will kill you" !!! Human rights for non whites and genocide for you !!! 
Video can be also seen at: OR OR OR OR

Indisputable proofs of hard core white genocide conducted against white American and European Union citizens who dare to exercise their constitutional right known as FREE SPEECH !!!

Public lynching or executions as seen here are exercised by ZIONISTS controlled United States of America with help of US owned United Nations, and corrupt European Union !!!

European Union laws are designed to protect unlimited government criminality within EU territory against native white European 
population as EU citizens don't even have the right to file for basic protection in another EU member state from persecution when they endure one and United Nations is financed(OWNED) almost entirely by United States of America !!!

Totally corrupt United Nations receives from United States of  America on average as much financial aid as 185 other countries combine contribute per year...over 3 billion Dollars per year !!!

Corrupt European Union politicians that are protected by mutual 
prestigious agreements regarding unlimited abuse against native white population are supported in their criminality by United States of America which acts on behalf of Israel !!!

American iron curtain of death against own white population that dares to exercise FREE SPEECH extends throughout entire Europe all the way to the borders of Belarus and Russia...

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