Sunday, October 22, 2017

American Hitler talks about "bigotry/conspiracy theories/outright fabrications/forgiveness/casual cruelties/animosities/dehumanizations...

Just pay attention to his who performed unprecedented bestialities on me personally and in the name of national sociallism, so he and McCain went even to Chinese and claimed them concern regarding my case(they first insult you, liquify your brain with electroshocks and brainwash you with MKULTRA till you become insensitive for anything in this don't even feel pain anymore....and then suggest other governments per who and what you are....its how AmeroGerman NEONAZI scum operates and nobody knows more about one than JohnMcCain/Joe Biden team).

PUTIN WANTS TO RUN RUSSIA LIKE A "CORPORATION" AND NOT TOTAL MAFIA(GANGSTER) STATE IN 21ST CENTURY IS WHAT WESTERN PRESS REPORTS !!! Got money and want even more money !!???? Consider to become a total thug....

This is what Russia has evolved into...

Right, !!???

What is it that Putin means truly by "corporation"...
Severely mentally sick, 1.7M playboy, goes out there and uses KGB as well as presidential functions to impregnate some 100 + women all over Belarus, Russia, and even beyond...

He uses presidential function and connections to build trade empire throughout the Russia(corrupts American politicians like Trump/Bush/Clintons into American suicide politic which goes along very well since Buckingham palace alone wants to grab USA for the throat as well) and insists to them(world) that whichever Western oligarch(incl. of those mentioned here) is willing to cross breed with his "sons"/"daughters", would become "worthy" of  "the right to invest money in Russian oil/economy"....

Friday, October 20, 2017

Will have to spend day with lawyers....

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Thursday, October 19, 2017


Stalin and the communist party didn't and couldn't stand garbage like Putin...they knew very well on how to treat his kind. Why is now different !!?????


Before I even go on with it, he should be court-martialed and placed in front of Russian firing squad together with Medvedev. This man is a beast - a crazy tool in hands of West that barely escaped total disaster.

Here is why....
Who targets of GermanAmerican extermination are !!???? Those whose economies are self insufficient(weakest economies marked in yellow) and are related the most to Russia - Slavic countries !!! Russia is the final and most demanded prize(once Russia is down, you can do anything with other countries because there is no one left who will defend this mostly Slavic nations).

HUNGARIAN TROJAN HORSE BY THE NAME VICTOR ORBAN WILL JUST LIKE GERMANS, SEND SLAVS TO PROTECT OUTER BORDERS OF NAZI EUROPEAN UNION WHILE KEEPING INNER BORDERS OPEN FOR GERMAN(obviously Hungarian as well) PLUNDER !!! Make Slovakia a Hungarian colony again plan is here and Slovakian NAZI collaborator Robert Fico agrees with it !!!

KOMARNO BRIDGE IS THE NEW ERA BRIDGE OF NEONAZISM !!! Finally, the truth about Victor Orban surfaces out...forget about third world's immigrants and Soros. the whole thing was a fable used to place your brain to sleep.... Orban was an entire time in bed with German and American NEONAZIS and have used Putin and Soros like a jerk bate for new era of NAZISM in Europe.

Slovakian traitor's(NEONAZI collaborator and more than anything
a sellout) name is Robert Fico. Thank you Putin - NEONAZISM has and will continue to flourish throughout the Europe thanks to you !!! YOU DID THIS SIR !!!




Killing US soldiers goes beyond death now days - McCain and Trump play soccer with sanity of parents whose kids were sent(setup) to die...

John McCain says White House not being upfront about deadly Niger ambush

First of all, John McCain knows nothing about ISIS and nobody in ISIS....

Why have I even mentioned ISIS !!???
I don't know why....

Unbelievable....there is "kill kill" left, right, and in the middle(and totally evident per who is behind all just as the Las Vegas case and people just watch like idiots "shame and blame" game between two ZIONAZI warmongers before their eyes. DIFFERENT STROKES FOR DIFFERENT FOLKS...

Residence in Slovenia identical to American Russian intelligence in Budapest where KGB and CIA both have headquarters(in very same building).

ARE UNDER GERMAN OCCUPIED EUROPEAN UNION....if something goes wrong with me, you at least know and because of whom. US is a disgrace for human race - there ain't doubt about that !!! Betraying and killing own citizens. Competeing in violence against own citizens with what they address as enemy. This is what McCain brought with him from Vietnam and this is what will mark America as in new century(NAZISM - HATRED - BETRAYAL - BIGOTRY - BACKSTABBING - TERRORISM - KILLINGS ETC. ETC.). Thankkkk youuu McCain.

Vietnamese knew when releasing idiot alive that he was/is worthed to them more alive than dead(read also this news)....

JOHN MCCAIN MURDERS YET ANOTHER JOURNALIST and CIA(John McCain) used either doppelganger from Julian Assange or Assange alone to life threaten me during abductions to Slovenia if I would ever dare to speak against Putin...BITCOIN and more explained....

When abducted to Slovenia, most likely >>doppelganger<< of Julian Assange(CIA individual unless Assange is more than just Wikileaks), have under MKULTRA suggested me future assassination of journalist Caruana Galizia(CIA eaves dropped Assange and have supplied Assange with material and have used Assange, to afterwards blame it all on Russia - it could be even more about CIA and Assange do...just read)

I cite CIA individual, "It will happen to you if you ever dare to speak out against Vladimir Putin"(this conversation was brought up via BITCOIN news...they first indirectly conversed infront of me about future lucrative BITCOIN business and then bam, they came up with assassination threat).

Make no mistake, Assange got tip from Vladimir Putin on bitcoin investment and so did many Slovenian politicians(even local police here in Novo mesto did), but it was not Putin who murdered journalist Caruana Galizia !!!

Murderer of Caruana Galizia was/is John McCain(CIA).

John McCain used information about my car situation in Budapest to trigger in me even accusations(reaction) of murder plot against Vladimir Putin(this would confirm McCain's  theories) who(very naive/unprofessional) played MKULTRA game along with McCain and others.

John McCain will catch "murderer and thug" Putin...

Vladimir Putin = Russian Al-Qaeda = Russian ISIS

Vladimir Putin is the terrorist who is now blocking me from even obtaining tags from Budapest after he ordered to Hungarian Viktor
Orban to tow my car from FREE PARKING in city of Budapest(even the name of the parking from where the car was towed is FREE PARKING in Budapest on a day when I applied for political asylum in Hungary - he arranged the terror against me in February and have compelled me into exile from Slovenia under extreme circumstances just one more time).

Vladimir Putin has arranged FOUR YEARS LONG torture against me by local psychiatrists(this was all product of his work) just as forced unemployment and everything else was. He corrupted American oligarchs such as Trump and AmericanGerman NEONAZIS collaborated with him(McCain/Clinton/Bush/Merkel/Theresa May/Macron/Renzi etc. etc.) more than happily(destabilisation of USA removes US military from Germany and Europe and acknowledgement of Russia as aggressive meant also a new start even for German's Fourth Reich military - what would be known as EU military)

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

MCCAIN FINALLY TELLS THE TRUTH: USA is the best country in the world just as NAZI Germany was. Biden and McCain work together for already over 40 years...

Here is the speech case that NEONAZI John McCain prepared about(at least) 13 years ahead >>>in case<<< things would develop ugly for him and as far as they did(Johnny just as Trump and others are working according to the programs they design - presidents in US are and were two only = McCain and Biden).

NOTE TO RUSSIA AND CHINA: Don't get paranoid because of AmeroGerman John McCain's divide and conquer game...UNITE WORLD INSTEAD(not only yourself) !!! Do it now !!!

China holds a "very important historical" meeting to which American John McCain's FREE PRESS(clustered world of lies and dementia) are referring to even as historical(hysterical yeah because of AmeroGerman press, historical not as they hold one every 5 years) meeting.

What is important to note is that John McCain's NEONAZI team played extremely dirty divide and conquer game against both governments(Chinese and Russian, but specially against Russian and all on German behalf) and therefore the two must instead unite and not divide.

&CHINA....Why not to invite Russian communist delegation to Beijing and demonstrate NEONAZI West that formation of Chinese Russian alliance is just a beginning and that world is much bigger than US and Germany with few million Scandinavians(you both have over 1.5 billion people, they have nothing...a bit over 500 million - powerful military as well as technology is in your hands now) !!?????

European Union is extremely unsatisfied with what is taking place in one...situation here is boiling and is about to explode. Your alliance could prove crucial in this aspect and at this point as many European Union countries want to break free from German NEONAZI machinery, but do need guarantee of continuous economic(science) growth which the two of you can easily form(provide us with).

Its not at all even as you see on my news site....AmeroGerman
trolls click(keep clicking till desired news gets to the top) and share certain news to hype certain governments into division and may also be that certain politicians hype own governments into paranoia !!!

United, you will both(with world) win, and divided you will both(and whole world with you) lose !!!

How many white American and European Union citizens did you psychiatrist Bandy X. Lee murdered in US on behalf of Chinese communist party !!??????

Question for Chinese communist party and off course psychiatrist Bandy X. Lee....
In 2005, American and European NEONAZI psychiatrists(Putin and Medvedev demanded from me not to talk about it and keep whole thing as confidential) suggested me that "they" want me dead, I cite, "you must leave US or they will kill you"(well, I didn't have much choice in that case have I...a bit tough situation thanks to John McCain and German government when whole world wants you dead at all costs)

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Donald J. Kushner Trump is deliberately destroying(burning) American society by giving with his insane behavior a credibility to psychiatrists involved even in MKULTRA torture against American citizens.

Donald Trump's legacy to America and world is nothing short of total betrayal(I was the first one to be betrayed by this individual 9 months ago, today whole America is shaking and with America world is on toes - we got everything except what we voted for, and ultimately even what appears to be return of credibility to most violent government profession known as psychiatry). What you see above is a heavy duty racist who was involved in my abductions. Just as the case was with Lisa Murkowski, Bandy Lee told me in the face under MKULTRAS and in real time that she knows absolutely everything about me and that included her stating me per my not being racist, but that I will have to die(be destroyed) because I dared to stand up in the face of the government aggression that involved also Chinese party(yes, I was as insulting as much as possible toward parties involved in my case and this despite all terror and threats and violence against me = I haven't shown any signs of tear and wear till I almost ended on wheelchair due to amount of electroshocks). According to Bandy Lee, China deals with in-obedient people like myself in this exact most sadistic form. I was heavily discriminated against by Chinese when in US(they even burned my brain as you see together with American counterparts and other governments), but despite all my last girlfriend was Chinese.

JOHN MCCAIN: Equaling "human rights" and "free" speech with NEONAZISM !!! Provocateur Alexey Navalny appears to be the latest "victim" of Vladimir Putin according to so called "free press"...

Empire of evil(AmeroGerman axis of evil) manages to stir NEONAZI protest on Vladimir Putin's birthday as few thousand wannabe NeoNazis(useless sellouts - traitors to Russia) take to the streets on behalf of NEONUTTZEE(crazy tool in hands of real neonazis - those who are more than just motivated to erase the only obstacle to their dominance on globe = Russia and other Slavic nations unwilling to die out) Navalny with so called "human rights" issues. 

Monday, October 16, 2017

RUSSIAN DEEP STATE: The deadliest Russian weaponry - what is it !!???? Americans were and are dying to find out and so do British and Germans...

The two gizdalins(gigolos-speculants-hazardeurs) and West would love to see this as reality, but is it really like that !!???

“How about Muslim holidays in Germany?” says Thomas de Maiziere who changed his mind about placing them in gas chambers / What about Electroshocks(liquefying/burning human brain to the point when victim is placed on wheelchair due to seizures) and MKULTRA torture conducted on Slavic people !!????

German NEONAZI interior minister, Thomas de Maiziere is fantasizing about "Muslim' holidays"...

German NEONAZIS love to fantasize about illusion in which world would believe in, but everything is more than just obvious on what Germany was/is...

Putin's sister says HEIL HITLER !!! Have NEONAZI friends from Scandinavia and Germany...Berlin her second home...she will die to protect German NEONAZI scum !!!

All of the NEONAZIS involved in my case(Scandinavians and Germans) have had strong ties with what you see here. Slovenian police well acquainted with this very situation(absolutely knew all/everything about the two who were in this city on more than one occasion).

If you ever get yourself in situation as mine was/is - never ever IMMEDIATELY publish news according to MKULTRA brainwash...

Seat one on the side instead and let it seat there for a while, so you get an idea on what they wanted from you to publish and what reality is and then hit as hard as you can(consider more than anything long ran - global view and much more..who wants what wants) !!!

This is why Auser Times ;) Auser Times = MKULTRA error

Only IF KGB brings up clear charges against Putin and Medvedev per involvement in my case, I do go to Russia...

I do I do I do !!! Otherwise will be NIET NIET NIET :))))

Yes, I do care about Russia...but I care about one as Slavic human being and not some sort of sick brainwash that evolved even ideas about "Pushkin"(code name for Putin who have used "Pushkin" to brainwash on "loyalty" - "do not open your mouths and be quiet all the way into grave").

@Putin....Is your Belarus sister Dina already back from Berlin !!??? Apparently went there to guarantee Germans truly are a piece of work(worse even than what Rasputin was).

MERKEL'S LAST(she won't be there much longer) DESPERATE SUPPORT TO NAZISM IS BIRTH(in Adolf Hitlers's birtplace = Austria) OF NEW GERMAN NEONAZI(now on a world's stage) SSEBASTIAN KURZ AND BOOST TO EXTREME NEONAZI AUSTRIAN PARTY FPÖ WHICH GOT ALMOST 30 %(better even than German AfD - same party with different name) - THANK YOU PUTIN

Ultimate product of Angela Merkel's Austrian politics is Sebastian Kurz(Vienna's NEONAZI seen by Kremlin as ally - I cite from, "The main questions are: With whom would the Austrian People's Party make an alliance, and how can Austria's policy change after that?"). FACT IS THAT GERMANS INVITED THIRD WORLD TO EUROPE, USED HUMAN RIGHTS AND EVEN COURT$$$ TO REDISTRIBUTE INVITED HATRED ALL OVER THE EUROPE AND THAT SEBASTIAN KURZ WAS THE LEADING GERMAN ENGINE IN CREATION OF NEONAZISM(read).
Ssebastian Kurz is a NEONAZI with perfect(immaculate) background from Vienna, Austria and was groomed by Angela Merkel personally(with other Hitlerjunge youth from Vienna) for career as seen here and with full approval of Vladimir Putin - Kremlin). It was highly anticipated from me that I would take his side because he is not from NEONAZI party and because he "favors" Russia(yes, you can see him and other Austrian politicians protesting US sanctions against Russia, but fact undeniable is that European Union and American sanctions against Russia EXIST because of Germany/Austria just as is fact that entire American/British/Italian/Spanish(great deal French as well under Sarkozy, but not to that degree) car industry was deliberately sabotaged/bankrupt/destroyed by CEO traitors and politicians who cover this very CEO traitors/saboteurs, so those could/can preform total ruin of our factories on behalf of Germany), but this will not happen despite numerous treats from what is now French president Emanuel Macron(regular NEONAZI who hides himself under ZIONAZI brand) and Italian Fascists !!!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

It would be good for Medvedev and Putin to take more responsible(realistic) approach toward Russian politics as Germany and West are playing one like a sucker !!!

To me personally, whole thing at Kremlin looks like direction in very wrong direction(I see whole thing as unrealistic regional and not global politic based on past as the case should be with Russia and is not). Poland asked Germany for one trillion US Dollars in
respect to WWII reparations(, Moscow is instead happy with Putin's James Bond image and huge buildup of regional resentment(NAZIS are equaling Moscow with evil what on a long term will have disastrous consequences). Putin/Medvedev don't condemn publicly Western NEONAZI inclusion assertions(invitations in NEONAZI club on behalf of Germany), but instead even collaborate with one by opening doors to them while being sanctioned.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Simon Wiesenthal's Center won't give in justice and instead protects Hollywood Neo-Nazi Arnold Schwarzenegger(most evil Nazi since WWII). QUESTION IS WHY !!!

German NEO NAZI Arnold Schwarzenegger can be STILL seen like this on the front page of the  

I am no longer allowed to post anything in Facebook groups - NEONAZISM ZIONAZISM protected on highest level ever !!!

All of my 5 Facebook accounts are blocked - two accounts that are active, automatically remove Facebook posts from groups where I

Angela Merkel involved straight into Russian cannibalism that left 30 people dead !!!

How do I know, because I was brought to Krasnodar in Russia with German MKULTRA team( to be tortured to death(to create yet another trauma experience in me which would be triggered at some point in the future). Sochi was selected publicly already in 2007 as a future Olympic town, however, it was known decades ahead that Sochi would be the only possible(preferred) city

in Russia for such event !!! Therefore, AmeroGerman team knew Sochi area very very well and way ahead...they knew one since Jeltzin was a president and it was traitor Jeltzin who hated Vladimir Putin to death. In fact it was even Jeltzin who appointed people that latter convinced Putin in Sochi(Russian government was/is packed with traitors even TODAY) as preferred location...

Thursday, October 12, 2017


What precisely is your connection with NEONAZIS(if any) and when do you plan on condemning modern NEO NAZISM of today which is used to drag Russia in the circle of NAZISM publicly !!???
British Royals(via Theresa May) and Germans(Angela Merkel and Arnold Schwarzenegger) have contemplated that this very question would trigger in Russian president Vladimir Putin to open himself up to their NEONAZI(what MKULTRA was also used for parallel to warmongering from he West) ideology(openly as this could be used as an excuse for Putin to get in the circle or just a dirty speculation against Vladimir Putin is something yet we have to learn about)  !!! 
Putin's career started according to Norwegian psychiatrists because of me and parallel to my case...IS IT TRUTH MR. PUTIN !!???? JOHN MCCAIN AND BUSH BRAGGED ABOUT IT 24/7 !!!

ZIOFASCISM IS BRUTAL SAYS NEONAZI OUTLET DEUTSCHE WELLE: Humble(in my opinion totally incompetent) Iranian president Hassan Rouhani's visits Italy to get spit straight in the face by Italian Fascists(real time and via media), bows down on knees in front of them, and in return for being spit at throws them tens of billions of Dollars in contracts on the table...

German NEONAZI news outlet DEUTSCHE WELLE reports(INFLATES) Italian "outrage"(pure FASCIST bigotry) during Iranian president Hassan Rouhani's visit to Italy due to what were covered with cloth museum statues, but doesn't mention(I wonder why) anywhere THE Iranian money that Rouhani brought with him to Italy and Europe...

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

CLASSIC NEONAZI ZIONAZI tactics today in Great Britain - already seen during Obama's administration that produced Trump: ‘We need answers!’ Fury as one million illegal migrants ‘set to remain in UK’

Precisely what Joe Biden and John McCain have engaged in with Syrian/Iraqi(Muslim) refugees if you remember till Donald J. Kushner Trump got his presidency(click HERE) - it all went silent since = this opens question who will be next French president or I should say whom will French NEONAZI ZIONAZI elites handle presidency to !!????? I know only of one such candidate and that is Marine Lepen that reached out in the ass of Russian politics time and again(and so did other "white nationalists" of which none condemned and accused own government of NAZISM !!! Therefore two-edged sword game - ultimatums to Russia - be part of NEO-NAZISM or we will all turn against you - isolate you) !!!

ZEONAZI Macron's classic NAZI tactics are clear sign where France is heading after he shreds 120,000 jobs across the France...THOUSANDS march against French ZIONAZI Macron

Just as it was done in USA to increase hatred(tensions and financial struggle that as a result produce a burst of what will be NAZIM = as Macron just like Sarkozy, also follows AmeroGerman NEONAZI ZIONAZI agenda orders - Same as Theresa May in GB etc...he too is turning systematically more and more openly against Russia because he is irreversible part of global NAZI machinery make no mistake, he is one of the key NAZI players on global level), is now taking place across the Europe...Macron is illegally protected by French Police from French population which is violently subjected to NAZISM on behalf of French elites(take Loreal, for example = hard core Neo-Nazi family intermarried with Zionists...uper French class is saturated with them). ONLY(if possible at all - they are globally slaughtering normal people for the sake of NAZISM)...NO ONE, BUT FRENCH PEOPLE TOGETHER WITH POLICE AND MILITARY CAN STOP THIS MURDERERS(SERIAL KILLERS IS WHAT ZIONAZIS ARE) FROM EXPANDING FURTHER IN FRANCE AS UPPER FRENCH CLASS IS ALL CURRUPT !!! MACRON WAS PRESENT(SARKOZY AS WELL) DURING MY ABDUCTIONS JUST AS SCHWARZENEGGER AND OTHERS WERE - MEANING THAT HE IS ESSENTIAL PART OF WELL PLANNED GLOBAL NEONAZI AGENDA !!! A BUILDUP THAT LASTS OVER 20 YEARS NOW(IN MY CASE ALONE)...
French kids that are protesting NEONAZI French government get beaten up French police in 2017 just like this(hard to believe that just 70+ years ago, NAZIS slaughtered in France over 600.000 French people and they are protected today to freely incite French

GERMAN NEONAZI CLEANUP COMMENCES: Germany’s Angela Merkel Agrees to Limits on Accepting Refugees - CNN/NYTIMES - you name it

Video can be seen at OR OR OR OR
For traditional German politic which never ever changed toward any nation globally(now - even France and UK are divided), latest AFD(AFD = code word for being open NAZI in Germany = NPD members transferred to AFD) qualification to parliament was a necessary "evil"(make no mistake there is no such thing as Greens/Christian Democrats or Social Democrats or whatever in Germany; they are all one same old same pre NAZI NAZI regime since stone age)
Its like as if a pedophile(or rapist) exhibitionist would step out from behind the Bush, and throw down his coat/towel(in this case b.s. story about "AFD" is either a coat or Towel) right in front of the victim(then good times began)...we know, we know need to be shy about it...

Monday, October 9, 2017

"We neither did, nor will recognize" the annexation of the Crimean Peninsula by Russia, Turkish president Erdogan stated in Kiev

Such statement of Erdogan is quite shocking to me(Russians actually love Tatars and give them all privileges that regular Russians have in Russian Federation). Why such views only Erdogan knows(much higher living standard for Tatars when compared to the unstable and racist Ukrainian government where only Ukrainian language is now tolerated, citizenship in county twice as big as USA, and future vs slavery)...Perhaps Erdogan who is dreaming about NEO-NAZI European Union partnership that doesn't want Turkey for other than financial interests(have even contemplated coup d'etat on him and make no mistake it was  Germany and it was USA) anywhere even near, should consider instead alternatives with countries such as is Russian Federation(form coalition with Iraq/Iran and other neighbors which desire long-term stability and ran this trades with Russia all the way down to Pakistan/India - strong economic growth)...

Erdogan should know that the European Union as the one of today is falling apart and will reshape itself drastically to survive(project EURUSSIA will most likely happen because Europe doesn't have any alternatives to one - Europe depends on Russia for bare survival in global market and am not even a little cynical here - this are plain facts)...Angela Merkel is already well aware of what is happening; transition of workforce imported from other countries is OFFICIALLY already taking place as of yesterday( - its tough when you become more and more geographically limited and nobody wants to purchase goods from you any longer even if in heart of European Union - isn't that right Angela !!???)...

Erdogan Pledges Support For Ukraine's Territorial Integrity During Kyiv Visit

KYIV -- During a visit to Kyiv, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said that his country will continue to support Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Long time US Government NEONAZI(a democrat version of John McCain wants to be seen as Zionist "only") Joe Biden is complaining about dark US legacy under Trump...

Could someone remind Joe Biden(probably more dangerous even than John McCain - Joe is one of the founding fathers of MKLUTRA program against American population) that his NAZI state USA have slaughtered over 30 million people(and either exiled or crippled another 100 million people with terror that world haven't seen since German third reich) in 37 “Victim Nations” just in post World War II period(have also sadistically bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki when war practically already ended), so that he could stop his delusions and become realistic !!????

 Since when was USA any different from what we witness today is taking place !!???? Was it any different under "bam bam idiot clown"(he ashified Mideast in the name of your democrazy as far as I remember) !!????

Sunday, October 8, 2017

WWIII Alert: Germans, Americans, and traitors to Britain have fantasized during MKULTRA to have in addition to THAAD, also counter radiation and counter biological weaponry NEUTRALIZATION ready - underground labs(bunker in Australia was mentioned).

They claimed that no nuclear submarine could possibly hide from their detection(this would most likely be satellites) systems, that all nukes(ICBMs incl. those launched out off submarines) can be taken and will be taken down like balloons from the sky(they were deeply assured/confident to have such weapons), that giant underground labs are ready in their doomsday bunkers which will be used to develop vaccines in need of germ-fare(biological warfare) and so are neutrino bombs used to neutralize radiation and that etc. etc...
Stage one...

ZIONAZI Mark Zuckerbeg disables all my Facebook accounts(5 of them) on NAZI elites' requests simply because I posted few times in Facebook groups...

Angela Merkel(besides Bushes and other American NAZIS, Germans were the obsessed wih MKLUTRA) and others who participated promised me exactly this under MKULTRA when questioned with what are you going to then and this and that..."we are going to simply disable your Facebook won't have where to post online"...

Well, when dealing with criminals, this is what one should always expect. FREE SPEECH !!???? YEAH, FOR THE NAZIS IT IS forFOR FREE TO PISS ON GRAVES OF 60+ MILLION PEOPLE THAT THEY MURDERED IN WWII ALONE...for normal people willing to resist filth that should have been totally dead already a long time ago, however, not. 

Who owns USA and Germany today !!??? 


Why ANTIFA exists !!????? Simply because NAZI American government violated law/constitution/free speech and everything that exists out there(including international treaties) to protect us from repeated WWII

Isn't it like totally logical !!???? Over 60 million murdered by Nazis in WWII alone and it should be ANTIFA the one held responsible for today's existence of Nazis which never ever should even exist on the first place !!????
I agree about everything stated here except so called "antisemitism"(this individual is shady as well) which was and is used to create Nazism all over again !!! ZIONAZIS are the cause for everything we wittiness is taking place !!! None of this would have happened without ZIONIST support for Nazism !!! The core of Nazism(hatred) is based within Zionist movement !!!

Epilepsy as a cause of death exploded in ZIONAZI American system - UP for 47% from 2005 to 2014 and strong male sex suffers from one for 25% more than females...

I already have talked something little about how exactly it's done ausertimes, but will discuss further in details per who/how, and why...

Seems like Joe Bidden(6 x times in senate and vice president since 2009 - identical to Jon McCain except that McCain is in so called rep. party) and John McCain(the real government proprietors - both hard core NEONAZIS and both cosigners/initiators with US presidents of MKULTRA program against population of United States of America), became very busy with idea on how to bring on wheelchairs and on all sorts of medications(psychiatry boom - big pharma) as many as possible non "Aryan" people("Aryans" that oppose grandeur idea of NEONAZI social engineering also find themselves in this very
category)...most wanted to experiment on with MKULTRA are blacks, then non compliant "Aryans" as well as people like myself(non "Aryans") come, and the last Hispanics(not because they wouldn't want to fry their brains with ECT and injections, but because they are strong community and well aware of American gringos...they also often times don't stay in USA, but instead leave back to their paises/countries...if they stay, they endup in prison systems within next generation or mix with blacks or begun to consider themselves as whites due to brainwash what makes job for NEONAZI social engineers even easier - heart surgeries/diabetes/cancer/alcohol and drugs and million other diseases/issues pop up in this great deceiving net known as "Land of The Free and Brave"...American social engineering is nothing than pyramid of systematic criminality - and as they say in god olle USA, "different strokes for different folks" and all but "Aryans" are destroyed)...

Little less hypocrisy, little less bigotry, and a little more honesty - but this wouldn't be "Land of The Brave and Free" any more...

The right to abortion is the right to your body ladies !!! Nobody but you should have the right to decide about one !!!

Those who call for end of abortions are NEONAZI bigots(as seen above) who also keep you jobless to condition you with basic God given choices(rights)...

MACHEN MIR DIESER LAND WIEDER 1941 - Expulsion of Russian Journalists per NEONAZI US regime is not evident only in USA, but also in Ukraine !!!

WHAT THE CASE IS WITH UKRAINE TODAY: "We will just expel or kill Russian journalists, so they can't report on what is happening with their people, and make laws that suits us(prohibit other than Ukrainian/German/English languages), and blacklist Russian and Russian/Ukrainian population on job market, and in few years, we will have new edelweiss for us(push remaining Slavic population totally out of Ukraine via social engineering as today already 50% of one is searching for "jobs" across the EU or Russia)...IT WILL BE 1941 ALL OVER AGAIN !!!

Yeah, aha...totally illegal, but according to the playbook from USA alone where Russian journalists are also persecuted for conducing journalism(I sure didn't expect any different from the land of the brave and free where "free speech" is covered with first Amendment to the United States Constitution - free speech for NEONAZIS yeah, but not for real journalists who dare to expose truth about US and even those who are on non "Aryan" eugenicist's social engineering kill list - just try to complain about what US government is doing to you job wise and you will see what happens next) its allllll good !!!

I estimate that over 50% of Ukrainian population today, rejects AmeroGerman NEONAZI occupation of Ukraine and will not raise arms to defend such regime !!!

Saturday, October 7, 2017

FAKE NEWS ALERT: German industrial orders jump on vibrant demand from abroad

Who the hell is crazy from abroad to support German NEONAZI industry !!???

Asia !!??? Africa !!??? South America where BRICS is as well !!??? Are they exporting to more and more isolated NEONAZI America !!??? Tough times ahead for NEONAZIS not only regarding world marker, but also in what is still European Union...I don't know about you, but I personally don't want Hitler in my garage...

German industrial orders jump on vibrant demand from abroad

Friday, October 6, 2017

CIA's bosses seems to agree with me at least on something - North Korea's Kim 'very rational': CIA

Agree with me on this here(this news was released on my news site first and this already over one month ago)

ZIONAZI Donald J. Kushner Trump humiliated Puerto Rican people heavily...its "nice" to be part of AmeroGerman NEONAZI system.




Yes with North Korea was game only...they wanted our time/attention in that part of the world while some very dirty stuff is happening right here and right now across the Europe - their real attention(real deal) is focused on Russia and here is how/why !!!

British(quite a pity for me to use word "British" or "American" isn't it) MI5/MI6 involved in my abductions anticipated how I will defend Theresa May's NEO NAZI conduct against Russia which this time involved almost on level of Donald Trump alike threat(I cite from, "our response to growing Russian danger
to Baltic states and Poland must be clear and unequivocal..."(Theresa May mentions Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s founding document—says an attack on one member of the alliance is an attack on all and compels all NATO allies to come to basicaly defend ongoing genocide against Russian in Blatic states !!! <== this my friends is known as an open assault on Russia since Theresa May or any other European Union/NATO statesman have never ever mentioned status of Russians in newly established Baltic states, but is instead only offering willingness for militarily conflict with Russia if one would come to aid to own ETHNIC Russian people who have no longer the right to vote, no right to Russian language, no right to citizenship, and no right to even own the land there despite their historical presence)....

I AM ASKING MYSELF A QUESTION NOW PER HOW EXACTLY DO BRITISH EVEN HAVE GUTS TO GO INSIDE OF THOSE STATES(what a act of stupidity that was - don't you understand that this states have almost 50% of either Russian or
mixed Russian/Baltic population in there and you think mamma bear is gonna watch you kill her cubs infront of her eyes !!!????? 

Exactly what this new Baltic states are doing under NATO umbrella since their independence from USSR !!! Population of Ethnic Russians who have absolutely no rights in this new Baltic states since fall of the USSR have had declined from 1.8 million to 1 million because people are forced to practically die in there or simply leave - Estonia to even build "Great Estonian Wall" on Russian/Estonian border - Baltic NEONAZIS protected by NATO are publicly marching all over this new states and are even destroying statues dedicated to Soviet Army that liberated them from German NEO-NAZI occupation. Its ongoing genocide and one slap after another in the face of Russia !!!) OR I SHOULD SAY HOW DO THEY DARE TO BE IN THERE AFTER SPEECH LIKE THIS :)))) 

I think this isn't gonna end well - not for Brussels(someone stated it will end in Brussels when Russians start to fight - it won't !!!) and not for London and even less for USA that caused all this !!!

MKULTRA(Angela Merkel - John McCain - MI5/6 apparatchiks) required from me a very soft response in what is seen above...instructions were very very clear to me(ohhh, they repeat and repeat one over and over again - show future articles and in some cases even videos for which they have claimed me I wouldn't have proof that those were taken in the past due to digital technology which is easily manipulated 

Thursday, October 5, 2017

One more advice to crazy ZIONAZI tool whose name is Trevor Noah...

Before you jump next time on Russians per your ZIONAZI bosses who paid your trip to the US for you to steer more s**t there, please consider this advice...

Trevor, know that I am US citizen and you are not even that(you are talking about Russians in US and you yourself aren't even US citizen). I got nothing to do with Putin and Putin(Russians) have nothing to do with what I do...

I am not proud of this garbage that you see on the left side(its not that I want to humiliate you or grow prejudice against you because you aren't US citizen even that you do have prejudice against Russians - you are a Russophobe - racist hater is what you are Trevor), but am not giving one away either - not till I wipe the floor with scum that did this things to me(garbage that you support with lies which may cost your people even existence as explained here

Converted to Judaism's son of German NEO NAZI(very crazy ZIONAZI tool) >>Trevor Noah<< blames Russians for everything that is happening in US - American radical lunatics blame Las Vegas shooting on 'profound disrespect' for Trump

We are surrounded by the lunatics and there is no way out - US is heading into irreversible neo-Nazi statehood together with  Germany !!!
This useless creature doesn't even know whom he serves(if Nazi plan goes global, his German daddy will personally pack his son and his mamma to a concentration lager). There is no such thing as half black son for a neo-Nazi Mr. Trevor Noah...and there is no such thing as too low for a real neo nazi like your pappa who even converted you into Judaism lol...will Russophobia unite USA !!???? I doubt it boy...your black lives matter and entire anti Trump movement was totally hollow(packed with subversive agents - entire leadership) and anyone who would even dare to say anything at all against Trump now a days is condemned to stay jobless !!! THEY WILL KILL YOU VIA SOCIAL ENGINEERING BOY AND IT WILL HAPPEN VERY VERY SOON !!! AND YOU KNOW IT TREVOR NOAH !!!

Trevor Noah was born on 20 February 1984 in Johannesburg(South Africa where ZIONAZISM is most exploding phenomena in the world - South African neo nazis are using Israel to apologize what was apartheid and to rebuilt apartheid - bring one back to reality). His mother, Patricia Nombuyiselo Noah, is black and of Xhosa ethnicity,[7][8][9][10] and his father, Robert, is white and of Swiss German ethnicity. When Trevor was 10 or 11 years old, his mother (although not the rest of the family) chose to convert to Judaism.[11] Noah spent his early youth in the private school of Maryvale College, a Catholic school in Johannesburg.[12][13][14] During his childhood, he attended Roman Catholic church every Sunday.[15] His parents' relationship was illegal at the time of his birth under apartheid (interracial sexual relations and marriages were legalized under the amended Immorality Act of 1985, a year after Noah was born). His mother was jailed and fined by the South African white minority government,[16] and his father later moved back to Switzerland. Noah himself was raised by his mother and maternal grandmother, Nomalizo Frances Noah.[17]

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Two hard core neo-Nazis(American McCain and German Schwarzenegger) join powers to "alter/change"(in reality steer attention away from who and what the two are) what never existed on the first place - Gerrymandering

Arnold Schwarzenegger and John McCain simultaneously begun to wash their neo-Nazi reputation in public by what other than changing law that never ever existed on the first place...for example, Obama who spiked with his presence on political stage explosion of hatred/neo-Nazism(Obama was brought on political stage by very same individuals as seen here) was part of well designed AmeroGerman neo-Nazi government. No such thing applied to Obama as Gerrymandering law because he was convenient tool for explosion of neo Nazism(this much regarding "racism" in respect to Gerrymandering). Now when neo-Nazims wants to publicly show its ugly

head on American and German soil, Gerrymandering is again used to promote one as you see and this under pretense of "human rights"(John McCain dares to even bully people in the face with what I cite is, "Return Control of Our