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Manager Marie Steyn(white female) of The Kalahari Rangers Lodge in Kuruman Near McCarthy’s Rest Border Survives The Attack Conducted By Five Black Terrorists....


Lodge manager survives attack by five armed men

Police Spokesperson Sergio Kock said that five armed men entered the lodge around 00:30 on Sunday morning and pointed a gun at lodge manager Marie Steyn. The perpetrators forced her to open up the safe. The men fled with an undisclosed amount of money, a hunting rifle, a mobile phone, and a white Ford Ranger after tying up the 47-year-old woman onto a chair.

Steyn managed to untie herself and fled in a vehicle to get help. She drove through wire until she joined the highway. About 3 Km away from the Johan Olivier’s farm the vehicle broke down. Steyn proceeded on foot to get help.

Steyn said the men all wore balaclavas.

The vehicle in which the five men escaped was found on Wednesday afternoon, near Kuruman and the police are investigating a charge of severe armed robbery. Anyone with information about the suspects can contact Ao. Kobus Bothma on number 082-454-3899.


Another BIGGGG Case For South African FREE Press Which is Advocating "The Justice" in South Africa...Make No Mistake, Against Whites That is....

He said she said...another BIGGGG case for South African press which is advocating "the justice" in South Africa...

South African FREE PRESS which is constant need of white sensations depicted in negative light, have this time found black cook who claims how white Western Cape's regional manager of Compass Group, Mr. Derek Swan, have suggested him I cite, "you must not behave like kaffir, the country is already messed up"..

Unlike farm murders or daily killings/beating/rapes of whites throughout South Africa(& public threats to many to count), this will be the main topic of South African main stream media for the next few months just like the case was with Penny Sparrow...

Piers(black cook) was fired this month for alleged misconduct, including suspicion of being drunk on company premises. CCMA documents showed Piers was dismissed on July 7 after a disciplinary inquiry where he faced a charge of “arriving at work (office) under the influence of intoxicating substances”.

Nevertheless....never mind.....Compass SA’s general counsel, Arlene Hearshaw, have already stated: “Compass Group Southern Africa (including its ESS division) is vigorously defending the allegations made by Mr Piers.”....

Free advice for Derek Swan:

---first take your money(all savings) out of your bank account or while you still can because black South African government regime will probably attempt to rob you as the case was with Penny Sparrow..

---If you loose job, apply immediately for overseas asylum as you will not see one in modern South Africa ever again....

---be on alert...don't let them deliver life threats further that at your property gate....a step further and you can already place gun trigger on hold.... save all your life threats and other threats for overseas authorities...record telephone threats and keep records of formal complains to police(that too is of interest to overseas authorities when police fails to act deliberately)...

---Show South African main stream media which is operated by black South African regime a middle finger like a boss and as seen on this very photo !!! They are not there for the truth...they are out there to make public victim out of you and your family what can cost one of you guys even your life !!!

If you want real attention, give us instead all your threats and I will have them published for the whole world to see :) this is how it is done in a country where crime is the law of the land !!!



Cape Town - A senior employee at a major marine company has been accused of telling an employee “not to conduct himself like a k****r”.

This emerged in a case before the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA), in which Western Cape regional manager of Compass Group, Derek Swan,has been accused of hate speech.
It is alleged he told cook/steward Ashwin Piers he “should not conduct himself like a k****r”, and “the country is already messed up”.

The Compass Group owns and operates Mafuta, a ship operating under contract to Debmarine Namibia.

Piers was fired this month for alleged misconduct, including suspicion of being drunk on company premises.

Piers’s hate speech allegations were first presented as part of his defence at his disciplinary hearing. The record states only that “his statement was not related to the issue at hand”.

Piers’s statement was included in the documents related to the CCMA case, in which he accuses Swan of discrimination. “I was subjected to discrimination by Mr Derek Swan of the Compass Group, in which he uttered the following words - I must not conduct myself like a k****r, the country is already messed up and Pik Botha told us to f**k them up.”

Piers, who worked for the company from February 2012, alleged Swan made the comments after his repeated questions about salary grievances, his request for medical reports he required to claim compensation and for the company to bear hospital expenses for an injury he allegedly sustained in May while on duty on the Mafuta.

CCMA documents showed Piers was dismissed on July 7 after a disciplinary inquiry where he faced a charge of “arriving at work (office) under the influence of intoxicating substances”.

Swan referred queries to the company’s Joburg office.

Compass SA’s general counsel, Arlene Hearshaw, said: “Compass Group Southern Africa (including its ESS division) expects all its employees, customers and clients to be treated with respect and we set high ethical and professional standards. As this matter is subject to ongoing legal proceedings, we are not able to comment further at this time, other than to state that Compass Group Southern Africa is vigorously defending the allegations made by Mr Piers.”

At the CCMA hearing on Thursday, chaired by commissioner Shahida Mohamed, Piers asked for the matter be referred for arbitration after an agreement could not be reached.

The SA Human Rights Commission said last month more than 200 cases of alleged racism had been registered with it this year.


This is How Far Insanity Have Brought South African police Alone...

As a cop, your job is to serve and protect !!! It is not your job to place lives of others or life of your own in danger...war with crime was lost in South Africa long time a ago and is not decided on the streets, but instead in parliaments where corrupt politicians are !!! Stay safe and do only whatever is expected from you to do as a public officer !!! Nothing more and nothing less or you too will become a part of South African crime statics !!!

Innocent bystander was now killed by reckless and irresponsible police after those were engaging in a illegal(criminal) lesson(activities) against caught thief(shoplifter) who have stolen camera worth R1 600($115 USD) with their police vehicle ...

The two police officers who have crashed in Somerset West into the two pedestrians last week, had apparently been lessoning a suspected shoplifter who was placed in the back of the police van when they finally lost control of the vehicle.

The pedestrians who were hit at the Checkers's parking lot, included 20-year-old woman who died as a result of the injuries.

After being loaded in the back of the van, two police officers have "deliberately took him for a rough ride - driving him back and forth driving so badly that he suffered facial and even internal injuries" a source stated yesterday.

Upon hitting in the parking lot, the police vehicle was apparently damage to its left front.

The police could not deliver yesterday on the specific allegations comment.

The alleged shoplifter appeared on Friday in court and was released on bail of R2 000...he will appear in court on 12 August.

Lieutenant Colonel. Andre Traut, a provincial police spokesman, confirmed on Friday that a case of reckless and / or negligent driving was being investigated.....


Die twee polisiebeamptes wat verlede week op Somerset-Wes in twee voetgangers vasgejaag het, was glo besig om ’n vermeende winkeldief agterin die vangwa “ ’n les te leer” toe hulle beheer oor die voertuig verloor het.

Die voetgangers is in Checkers se parkeerterrein raakgery, onder andere ’n 20-jarige vrou wat intussen blykbaar aan haar beserings beswyk het.

Na wat verneem word, is ’n man verlede Woensdag in hegtenis geneem op aanklagte van winkeldiefstal nadat hy glo ’n kamera ter waarde van R1 600 gesteel het.

Nadat hy agter in die vangwa gelaai is, het die polisie glo “opsetlik rof met hom heen en weer rondgery, só erg dat hy inwendige beserings en gesigbeserings opgedoen het”, het ’n bron gister gesê.

In dié beweerde rondjaery is die twee voetgangers glo in die parkeerterrein getref. Die polisievoertuig het blykbaar skade aan sy linkervoorkant.

Ná die voorval het die polisielede glo die man gedreig en hom skoon vorms laat teken waarop hulle toe sou skryf wat gebeur het.

Die polisie kon nie gister op dié spesifieke beweringe kommentaar lewer nie.

Die vermeende winkeldief het Vrydag in die plaaslike landdroshof verskyn, dieselfde dag dat die 20-jarige vrou glo dood is. Die man is op borgtog van R2 000 vrygelaat en hy moet weer op 12 Augustus in die hof verskyn.

Lt.kol. Andrè Traut, ’n provinsiale polisiewoordvoerder, het Vrydag bevestig ’n saak van roekelose en/of nalatige bestuur word ondersoek nadat ’n polisieman van Somerset-Wes Woensdag twee voetgangers getref het.

In ’n verklaring Vrydag het die polisie gesê “polisielede was besig om op ’n klag van winkeldiefstal by ’n winkelsentrum te reageer en het op pad uit die parkeerterrein die twee voetgangers getref”.

Traut kon nie gister bevestig of dit dieselfde voorval was nie, maar het gesê: “As ’n mens so na die inligting kyk, kan ek net raai dit was dieselfde voorval”.


Translated and edited by Bastian Auser

Warrant Officer Abraham Sonnekus, The Investigating Officer in The Matter, Have Stated TWO YEARS AGO That Police Were Waiting For DNA Test Results to Come Back.....

South African police whose motto is obviously the same as the one from SA government, "A Single Death is a Tragedy; a Million Deaths is a Statistic" is not in  any hurry to investigate this case either....

On October 24, 2014, warrant Officer Abraham Sonnekus, the investigating officer in the matter, said police were waiting for DNA test results to come back from the forensic laboratory. “We expect to make two arrests once the results are back,” he said....



Still no arrests in murder mystery

Almost two years since the charred body of a missing KwaZulu-Natal woman was found by private investigator Christian Botha, her distraught East London sister has yet to find closure.

Buffalo Flats resident Noleen Hendricks, 32, said she and her family felt “stuck” because no arrests had been made in connection with the murder of her sister, mother-ofthree, Nicolene Hamman, 34.

A weeping Hendricks said the family’s nightmare began when her sister’s husband of 15 years, Ebrahim Hamman called her on July 20 from their upmarket Harding, KwaZuluNatal, home to say “the devil” had come into their home and taken her.

Hendricks said she at first thought her sister had “taken a break” from her crumbling marriage to Ebrahim, which she later learnt broke down after he discovered she had had an affair.

“But I knew she would never have left her children, plus she took no luggage and none of her bank cards were used.”

Phone calls from her husband that she had been spotted around KZN were investigated by her increasingly desperate family, but yielded nothing.

After a month of no sign of Nicolene, the family hired ace East London private investigator Christian Botha, who used cellphone records to track down her burnt body to a rubbish tip in Harding.

A tooth, finger bones and four rings were all that remained of her body.

Hendricks said she felt like her “heart had been ripped out” by the gruesome find, but assumed arrests would follow.

“Christian did an excellent job. When he found her I thought they would make an arrest that same day, but nothing has happened for two whole years.”

Yesterday, Ebrahim Hamman said he too was frustrated that the investigation was taking so long.

“I also go to the police to ask how it’s going but they say it is under investigation.”

Botha said although a murder investigation had been opened by the police and Hamman’s remains had been sent for DNA testing, the docket had moldered in a safe after the investigating officer was transferred.

“The docket was never sent to the DPP for a decision so no arrests were made.”

“My mother has had a small heart attack and her health has been terrible since this happened,” said Hendricks.

“We want answers from the police and we want her remains back so we can bury her and say goodbye properly.”

Questions sent to Port Shepstone police were not answered at the time of writing.


Grenades From Black Terrorists are Also Flying Left And Right in All New South Africa !!! The Rainbow Nation's "Constitutional Democracy" is Working Just Fine....


Bergville grenade attack leaves at least 10 injured

It is unknown at this stage if the attack is political, faction fighting or taxi war related...

A grenade is believed to have gone off in a packed tavern in the Rookdale area near Bergville on Saturday shortly after 22:00.

A grenade is believed to have gone off in a packed tavern in the Rookdale area near Bergville this evening (Saturday) shortly after 10pm.

The attack left several people seriously hurt. The injuries at this stage cannot be confirmed, but reports indicate that at least 10 people were rushed to hospital after the explosion.

Two suspects were arrested shortly after police responded to the scene

A heavy police presence is in the area.

It is believed it was a deliberate attack, with initial reports indicating that the grenade was thrown into the tavern (this has not been confirmed).

It is unknown at this stage whether the attack was political, faction war or taxi war related.



Saturday, July 30, 2016

South Africa - The Land of Black Serial Killers and Rapists !!! Forget about Ted Bundy...South Africa Have Million of Them !!!

By Zionist led Western main stream media(vacuum world of lies and dementia and is the same in previously known Eastern block where Eastern European communist garbage is at home) is obsessed with depicting white serial killers on their front pages(we already know exactly why) to the public, but those few white serial killers do not match anything as seen in South Africa on daily bases....How many are we talking about !!? I have lost track to be honest about it...we are talking about "daily" issues such as "serial killers" and "serial rapists" !!! South Africa is saturated with can't only get raped or killed, but even eaten...

This time, we are talking about father of two who preyed mostly on elderly women, whom he strangled with their underwear after raping them. He left their bodies in the veld to decay. One of his victims was devoured by wild animals and only her skull remained.


Pretoria - “You are a violent man and a danger to society. You have to be removed from society,” a judge told Andries Makgae, a serial rapist and killer from Onderstepoort, north of Pretoria, before sentencing him to three terms of life behind bars.

The father of two preyed mostly on elderly women, whom he strangled with their underwear after raping them. He left their bodies in the veld to decay. One of his victims was devoured by wild animals and only her skull remained.

Her distraught husband earlier told the high court in Pretoria how he searched for his wife for weeks. He looked everywhere, until he came upon her gruesome remains.

One cannot imagine his agony when he made the gruesome discovery, Judge Vivian Tlhapi said.

“”You did not want your victims to survive,” she said to Makgae.

The 55-year-old man showed no emotion as he received his three life sentences, as well as a further 20 years imprisonment.

He was earlier convicted of nine charges, including three of murder and four of rape. He followed the same modus operandi while he embarked on an 18-month reign of terror - starting in January 2012 - in the Onderstepoort area where he lived.

These crimes were committed barely six months after his parole period lapsed following 10 years in jail for a string of previous crimes. The court heard his crime career in fact started in the 1980s with a spate of housebreakings.

The judge said it was clear that Makgae did not learn from his mistakes. In fact, he became even more violent once he was released from jail and started killing people.

The flamboyant and well dressed man pleaded guilty to most of the murder charges, while he denied the bulk of the rape charges.

He claimed that a woman infected him with the HIV-Aids virus and he then transferred it to his wife. He subsequently developed a hatred towards women.

But the judge said he took revenge on innocent women and first raped them, before he brutally strangled them. He said his HIV-infection was the reason why he killed Maria Pilore, 60. He, however, denied that he raped her and claimed that they had a relationship. She was last seen on January 1, 2012, visiting a tavern on a plot in Onderstepoort. Her partly decomposed body was discovered 17 days later in dense bushes near Bon Accord Dam.

A few weeks later, 69-year-old Juliet Mokgatla was murdered. She was sent by her husband to a nearby shop on February 4.

She never returned home and her body was also discovered a few days later. She was also raped before being killed.

Praise Mpatsi, 29, suffered the same fate. Her husband testified that he left for work on January 3, 2013, leaving her at home. When he returned she was missing. Her body was discovered nearly three weeks later in dense bush.

While the police were still searching for the missing Mpatsi, Makgae pounced on his last victim before he was caught. This was about a week after he had killed Mpatsi.

The court remarked that if not for the brave last victim, who managed to alert the police after she was twice raped, Makgae would have continued with his rape and killing.

“That was not your lucky day” the judge remarked.


Not a Day Goes bye Without Our White Farmers Being Attacked by Black terrorists....Gerrit Roos (white farmer in Belfast, 51) and His wife Tharia (46) Tied Up.....

Gerrit Roos (white farmer in Belfast, 51) and his wife Tharia (46) were on Wednesday at about 19:30 hours assaulted by five black terrorists which demanded money ....Roos's farm is located next to N4 near Sunbury.

Black terrorists have tied Gerrit, but wife managed to somehow luckily alert police and neighboring farmers...

The attackers fled with Rose's gun.

With the help of the farmers' community, the suspects were caught immediately and as such arrested...

They remain in custody and will appear on Monday at the court on robbery charges...


Vyf vermeende plaasaanvallers is in hegtenis geneem nadat hulle ’n boer op ’n plaas in Mpumalanga aangeval en beroof het.

Gerrit Roos (51), ’n boer by Belfast, is Woensdag omstreeks 19:30 saam met sy vrou, Tharia (46), deur die vyf aanvallers oorval. Hulle het geld geëis.

Roos se plaas is langs die N4 naby Sunbury.

Die mans het hom vasgebind.

“Gelukkig het sy vrou daarin geslaag om baie vinnig te reageer en die polisie en naburige boere om hulp gekontak,” sê brig. Leonard Hlathi, provinsiale polisiewoordvoerder.

Die aanvallers het met Roos se pistool gevlug.

Hlathi sê met die hulp van die gemeenskap is die verdagtes onmiddellik gevang en in hegtenis geneem.

Hulle bly in aanhouding en sal Maandag in die hof verskyn op aanklagte van huisroof.

Roos het krapmerke opgedoen.


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Black Terrorists Who Are Most Likely From Johannesburg's Area Strike Again !!! Causing $3300 USD in Animal Slaughtering Damages !!!

As you see, highway will bring you to Marlbank(not Marlband as is written on article by a sloppy South African "journalist") straight from Johannesburg in juts few minutes(less than in an hour)...


Business partners Jacque de Kock and Erika van der Walt arrived at a disturbing scene this morning after a neighbour called asking about sheep carcasses spotted at plot 119, Marlband.
Business partners Jacque de Kock and Erika van der Walt arrived at a disturbing scene this morning after a neighbour called asking about sheep carcasses spotted at plot 119, Marlband. Carcases and intestines were found 3km’s away from the initial sight of slaughter. It’s believed that the stock thieves were disturbed after cutting the fence to plot 167 Theoville early this morning where they stole 28 sheep and got away with seven.

Police have opened a case of stock theft, the damage is estimated at R45 000. The community is asked to react and assist each other to help stop stock theft.


White Couple Couple Assaulted By Black Terrorists in Walmer's Home Invasion


Just after 6am, two house robbers overpowered a Fordyce Road homeowner in Walmer, when he opened his back door to let his dogs out.

The suspects hit the owner over the head and dragged him to his bedroom where his wife was asleep.

The men assaulted the couple and proceeded to ransack the house.

Jewellery and other valuables were stolen.

The couple pressed their panic button after the robbers fled.

They were both taken to hospital and a case is being investigated by the Police.


South African Black Regime is Heavily Censoring the Deaths of Our White People and That Includes Even the Deaths of The White Teenagers....What is Happening !!?

Why Nobody is Investigating and Reporting to The Public About What is Taking Place !!? What is The Real Number of Our Whites Being Killed in South  Africa !!?

I have investigated article and come to conclusion as seen on the bottom of the article that deaths of our white people are not even reported !!! Referring to following text:

In Gamka Street on Wednesday night, an 18-year-old only known as “Keenan Ballie Dentekop” was shot and killed.

Earlier that day, Mervin Koopman, 34, believed to be a Hard Livings member, was shot in the head while standing outside his home in Rio Grande Road. He is in a critical condition.

On Tuesday morning, a 42-year-old homeless man was caught in crossfire in Hilda Court, he was hit in the groin.

Keenan Ballie Dentekop = white

Mervin Koopman = white

42-year-old homeless man = racial identity unknown !!!

There were many other deadly incidents and killings that took place and we don't have information about who, how, and why !!!

As you know, criminally insane South African government and its free press do not disclose victim's racial identity or even their names due to fear that whites would revolt against black tyranny !!!

Hallo !!! Are You Idiot !!? If You are, Then I need You !!! MALEMA: "I See Plenty of Land, You Can Have It...Just Vote For Me...."....

Attention seeking criminally insane maniac/psychopath(a real political brainless whore) who lives in a dreamland and whose name is Julisous Malema(Economic Freedom  Fighters leader), continues to suggest to blacks how land will be forcefully confiscated from white minority in South Africa if they only vote for his party EFF...

Criminally crazy Malema is foremost known for public incitements of blacks in white genocide !!!


The EFF is promising to hand out title deeds en masse should it ascend to power.

Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema on Thursday took his campaign trail to Cullinan, east of Tshwane, promising decent houses and title deeds should his party ascend to power.

“When driving on all the roads leading to this community, there is plenty of land, but this land is owned by whites who don’t even know how Cullinan looks like because they bought this land from only seeing it on the newspapers,” Malema told thousands of supporters.

“The people who live in this land don’t have a piece of land of their own. Those who have a little piece of land do not have any document to prove that the land is theirs, whether they have been staying here for over 20 years; they don’t have tittle deeds.”

Malema said the majority of South Africans who did not own land did not enjoy the benefits of freedom and democracy.

“Those who talk about 20 years of democracy are those who are better, while the majority of the people have been staying in apartheid houses till today. They stay in the houses which were inherited from their parents and grandparents, and now their children are also inheriting these apartheid houses but never saw a tittle deed – they don’t even know how it looks like,” said Malema.

“However, our white counterparts who found us here, all do have title deeds. None of them do not have title deeds, as if the came carrying land in a bag.”

Malema promised that when his fledgling party ascends to power, the disadvantaged South Africans will be given land and title deeds.

“The EFF elections manifesto does state that when we take over government, we are going to give people land. We are going to give our people title deeds. We are going to give you land, not the tiny spaces that the ANC is giving you that, after building an RDP house, the whole space is occupied and, after that, they claim that they gave you houses,” said the youthful politician.

South Africans go to the polls on August 3, where they will be selecting councillors and mayors. On Wednesday, the Electoral Commission of South Africa appealed to all registered voters to come out and make their voice heard through the ballot.